Monday, 24 August 2015

A List of Different Types of Roller Shutters and the Places Best Suited For Each

Rollers shutters are very commonly used in houses these days. Also known as roller doors, these are used in both windows and doors. Slats, bars or webs are hinged together in a horizontal pattern to create the shutter effect. These slates can be easily raised or lowered to open or close. In case, of large doors, a motorised mechanism is used for lowering and raising the slats. Want to read more? Here is the link.

Types of Roller Shutters:

  • Insulated Roller Shutters: These are used in warehouses, garages, factories, spray paint booths or any such place that needs insulation from noise and weather effects. They help in energy conservation.
  • Security Roller Shutters: These are usually made of a strong material like aluminium or steel. They are strong and very capable of keeping intruders away and are therefore very useful in storage facilities, warehouses, garages etc. As these could be heavy so are usually fitted with an electronic manoeuvre mechanism.
  • Fire Rated Roller Shutters: These provide protection from fire and are therefore frequently used in places that store combustible and flammable material. These shutters are flame resistant.
  • Commercial Roller Shutters: Made of galvanised steel these are rust and weather proof. These are the most commonly seen shutters as they are generally seen on shop fronts.
  • Industrial Roller Shutters: These are generally fitted with extra security and locking systems to prevent vandalism. They are very flexible in terms of shape and size and are best suited for mall security.

Roller shutter is the first line of protection from rain, wind, burglars and prying eyes. It also helps in insulation and keeps weather effects outside. It is so convenient and flexible that it can be used everywhere, whether in houses or business establishments.

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